Floating Man Festival Tickets








You can sleep in a tent in our tent city. Alternatively, there are numerous hotels and BnBs in the cities of Apatin and Sombor.

The festival takes place in Apatin, Serbia. You can come by road from the closest international airports in Budapest or Belgrade. Alternatively, there is a direct bus connection from Belgrade to Sombor – a city in close proximity where we can pick you up.

There is going to be a festival bus going from Budapest to the festival area on Thursday, 12 August. For a reservation, send a message to

It depends on your citizenship. You do not need a visa if you are a citizen of the EU, the USA, and many other countries. Serbia is very open toward tourism and many travellers will be able to get their visa after arrival. 

Please check the Serbian visa policy page on Wikipedia to find out more about whether you need a visa to enter Serbia.

You can definitely bring your kids and perhaps even your parents.

If you are a musician or a passionate volunteer, please send us a message.

We will be selling Serbian SIM cards with tonnes of data on-site.